A rising and provocative voice in the visual arts whose works dynamically reflect the contemporary Zeitgeist, Brooklyn based artist Allison Dayka – in the spirit of such influences as Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiet – is quickly redefining the realm of graphic pop art in the modern age. Starting with the foundation of filtered and altered, graphically enhanced images, she creates paintings of extraordinary depth and messaging with acrylic paints, enhanced by gold flakes and diamond dust and resin finish.

The self-taught visionary, a native of Upstate New York, will soon be releasing her first Pop Art collection which features clever mash-ups and inspirations from the art world, pop culture and music to the political landscape. Among the impactful 36” x 48” works she will display are mixed media paintings celebrating the unique connections between late rap legends Biggie & Tupac and Warhol and Basquiet; one that juxtaposes Caitlyn Jenner’s head and feminine shimmer with Bruce’s iconic Wheaties Box image; and, making one of her boldest statements yet, a work that puts Donald Trump’s head on the buttoneddown, uniformed body of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, with a North Korean flag flying in the background.  

Allison’s most renowned work to date is the tribute and auction piece she created to honor the late and beloved Queens rapper “Chinx.” The piece, created in partnership with Chinx’s team and family, features him prominently placed in a Versace shirt, sunglasses and hands clasped as if to say, “I’ve arrived.” 

The original photo, captured only three weeks before Chinx’s passing by photographer Kent Miller, was first turned into poster artwork for the album by Art Director Andy Sheffield of Cure for the Common Studios. Building on this image, Allison used her signature diamond dust style and textured backgrounds to bring the painting to life. Both her original and tribute pieces were featured in the “Long Live Chinx” documentary aired on Revolt TV, MTV, BET and other major outlets. Allison painted part of the Tribute painting with the assistance of Chinx’s children at the listening party held for his posthumously releasedalbum Welcome to JFK.

A restless creative spirit carrying on an inspiring family legacy of artists of various disciplines, Allison’s portfolio of works and accolades continues to grow. In addition to painting live at rapper 50 Cent’s house in Connecticut for a private EFFEN Vodka event, she created an eight foot piece of Edward Scissorhands that is featured in a renowned salon on Manhattan's Lower East Side. 

Allison originally moved to Brooklyn to pursue a degree in communications at Brooklyn College and, more importantly, to take care of her beloved Great Aunt. During this difficult time, she discovered her ability to express to express her innermost emotions through paint strokes on a canvas. Genetically, perhaps, it was only a matter of time. Her Aunt Andrea focuses on pottery using bold colors, intricate details and contrast to distinguish herself, while her grandfather – who passed away before Allison was born – was a painter passionate about realism.

“My grandfather, who fought in the war and worked as an engineer, was an amazing painter, and my goal has always been to create works with the depth that he did,” Allison says. “In his honor, I’m dedicated to realism, but in a less traditional way. While my grandfather was extremely talented, his parents didn’t support his endeavors and told him being an artist was a ‘foolish job.’ The fact that he never got to fulfill his dreams of becoming a professional artist is heartbreaking, but his life and creative works continue to inspire me to work hard, touch people’s lives through my art and create a special brand, lifestyle and legacy synonymous with the Dayka name.”